Jester 12/24 19"

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Jester 12/24 19"

Jester Series - Compact Intuitive Lighting Consoles  


Jester 12/24 19” Rack Mount version has been tailored specifically for mounting in 19” racks

making this unit perfect for installation where space is at a premium. Users include TV and

video studios, clubs, small rental and AV applications. The Jester 12/24 19” Rack Mount is simple

to use and delivers great features in a very compact package.


The three operating modes feature control in preset, program or playback including using a

traditional theatre playback stack. The Jester 12/24 19” Rack Mount is a fully functional memory

console complimented with on-board LCD display and plug-in monitor port as standard.


With 12 auxiliary buttons used to trigger DMX devices such as scrollers, smoke machines or strobes,

MIDI capabilities, a USB port to back up shows and even a DMX In port for snapshot/backup use, the

Jester 12/24 19” Rack Mount is truly a powerful and affordable choice.




- 19" Rack Mount

- Playback stack

- Patching to 512 DMX channels

- DMX in allowing snapshots of all 512 DMX channels

- VGA Monitor Port

- USB storage and keyboard support

- MIDI Notes & Show Control

- Lock Function

- LCD Display for stand-alone use

- Online Help in multiple languages

- Offline Editor (Phantom Jester)

- Remote triggers

- Upgradeable firmware

- External power supply

- 12/24 channels of control

- 24 Submasters

- 12 Auxillary Buttons

- Dimensions: 90 (H) x 483 (W) x 278mm (D)

- Weight: 4.5Kg / 10lb



- Jester 12/24 Rack Mount Data Sheet

- Jester 12/24 Rack Mount User Manual

- Jester 12/24 19" Rack Mount Quick Start Guide

- Jester 12/24 Dimensioned Drawing

- Operating Software

- Software Update

- Knowledgebase Articles







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