Ellipsoidal – Phoenix 750W

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Ellipsoidal – Phoenix 750W





- Compatible with GLA or HPL Series 375w, 575w and 750w compact filament lamps

- 360 Degree rotating barrel

- Locking shutters and gobo

- Complete 360 Degree enclosed accessory holder

- Heat resisting Plano-Convex lenses

- Aluminum die cast and sheet metal construction

- Up to 36 Hi-Temp rubber cable as standard

- Color frame and safety cable with spring clip included

- Spring mounted dichroic coated glass reflector

- Tool free interchangeable lens barrels

- Three 36" Teflon lead wires

- Made in the USA




Housing: Die-cast aluminum construction.

Materials: Construction employs corrosion-resistant materials and hardware.

Yoke: Rigid flat steel with dual locking dog tilt handles, two mounting positions,

          indexed tilt angle markings.

Reflector: Spring mounted dichroic coated glass, ellipsoidal design.

Lenses: Color coded crown glass (white plate) lenses provided with anti-reflective

             coating. Molded front lens made of polymeric plastic for 5 ̊ and 10 ̊ only.

Socket: G9.5 medium two-pin or HPL lamp holder, axially mounted, supplied with

             heat shield. Tool free relamping.

Rating: 100,120, 240 volts AC/DC operation, 6.3/3.1 amps, 750 watts maximum.

Cable: 36" Teflon leads encased in black fiberglass sleeving, rear cord wrap provided.

Shutters: Four .037" stainless steel, fully adjustable and lockable. Constructed with

                oversized heat resistant handles.

Access Door: Reversible access door with thumb screws.

Focusing Lamp
: Fully adjustable in three axis with two concentric Ultem 2100 heat

                          resistant knobs.

Focusing Fixture: Lens barrel travels on nylon glides. Provided with heat resistant lock knob.






- Data sheet


- Instruction manual


- Specifications


- Drawing


- Cad


- Altman Standard Warranty


- Request information






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