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PID II Patch Panel

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PID II Patch Panel


While the PID II dimmer cabinet offers software patch per dimmer to allow maximum flexibity in saturated dimmer installations,

a hard patch system may sometimes be dictated by budget restraints (but of course only if the hard patch system saves money

over a dimmer per wayline design).


The PID II Patch has been designed to provide an economical and space saving alternative to the high costs involved in supplying

and wiring a hard patch system using other forms of plugs, sockets, and cables.


The PID II Patch offers the following advantages:


- Stacking gold plated patch plugs, rated at 28 amps

- Patch cords available in 18 and 28 amps rating

- Unused patch cables store out of sight inside the cabinet

- Patch field covered by locking safety door (optional) with auto

  trip mains isolator (optional)

- Patch plugs can be stacked 2 high with the safety door locked

- Minimal floor and wall area, and minimal wiring labour expense

- Matching design with companion PID II dimmer cabinet


The sample cabinet at right is shown fitted with a 96 dimmer patch socket panel, 3 bins of 60 patch plug-cords

(180 outlets/waylines), ammeters, independent power MCBs, and a mains isolator for the 96 PID II dimmer cabinet.

Cabinets can also be supplied empty where the same style is required for other switchgear or equipment.


The PID II Patch Panel is supplied ready assembled and wired to match PID II dimmer cabinets of 5, 8 and 10 bins,

using a mix of the following standard panels:

- 60 way dimmer socket patch panel (plus 4 independents)

- 96 way dimmer socket patch panel (plus 6 independents)

- 60 way patch plug bin with DIN rail terminals for waylines

- Independent mains supply MCB panel

- 1U, 2U, 4U and 8U blank panels for custom fitting of DMX splitters,

  ammeters, voltmeters, socket panels, mains isolators, RCDs etc,

  or any standard 19 inch rack mount equipment


PID II Patch Panels are configured to customer specification. The Theatrelight patch plug and socket (also used in the

Theatrelight Tourmaster) are designed to comply with the NZ Electrical (Safety) Regulations 2010, to comply with the IEC

60309-1 Ed 4.1 standard (Plugs, socket-outlets, and couplers for industrial purposes), and to comply with the IEC 60309-4 Ed 1.0

standard (Switched socket-outlets and connectors with or without interlock). Please consult the electrical regulations

in force in your country before ordering.


Theatrelight's proprietary patch plugs and sockets (at right) are designed as a safe, economical, space saving, high current

stacking patch system for Theatre and Studio use.




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