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PID II - Professional Plug-in Dimmers for TV and Theatre


The Theatrelight PID II is a general purpose Plug In Dimmer cabinet designed for TV and Film Studios, Theatres,

Concert halls, or any venue requiring an intelligent and reliable dimmer installation. The PID II design supersedes the original

Theatrelight PID Dimmer, and is based on software and hardware designs already well proven in the Theatrelight products

Nebula—a 3u high rack-mounting professional dimmer pack, and Meteor—a wall mounting Stage or Environmental dimmer.

Users familiar with these products will find the menu system and key setup of the PID II intuitive and easy to understand.


The new design uses distributed multiple micro-processors, each bin of 6, single, dual or quad modules having

a separate microprocessor for maximum reliability. All dimmer parameters in each bin microprocessor are easily set up

by the user interface keys and LCD at eye height. The redundant power supplies have a proven history in Theatrelight’s

previous designs. Each of the the two DMX inputs per cabinet present only one, 1/10th standard load to a control panel.


The PID II can also be fitted with DMX-over-ethernet communication systems for use with Artnet standard control panels,

or an optional RS485 system for use with remote keyplate lighting controllers, or as control, reporting, and monitoring gateways.


The PID II is available in a number of versions: 5 bins, 8 bins, and 10 bins per cabinet, each bin carrying 6 plug-in modules.

Each module may be of 1, 2 or 4 SCR dimmer channels, with the system planned for future introduction of IGBT

and Sinewave dimmer modules. PID II firmware is available in a number of different configurations, and with different

communications hardware and software according to customer request. DMX over Ethernet (ArtNet compatible) may be

fittted as an option.The space saving design needs only front access for all installation and maintenance, allowing

the cabinets to be sited against the dimmer room walls, or back to back.



 - Simple menu system with large 4 line, 20 character LCD display providing

  instant access to every dimmer in every bin

- 5, 8 and up to 10 bins of dimmers per cabinet, each of 6 plug-in modules

- 1, 2, or 4 dimmers in each module

- Easy to use menu set-up of all dimmer parameters

- All dimmer parameters held in non-volatile flash memory

- Fully redundant main set-up microprocessor

- Multiple distributed dimmer microprocessors, one per bin

- Redundant, high reliability power supplies, 90-265 volts AC, 45-65 Hertz

- Redundant temperature controlled cooling fans for low acoustic noise


Relevant Products:

- TLPID120/2  120x2 kw dimmers, 20 amp shared MCBs, 110 usec

- TLPID192/2  192x2 kw dimmers, 20 amp shared MCBs, 110 usec

- TLPID60/2.5 60x2.5 kw dimmers, 13 amp MCBs, 120 usec

- TLPID96/2.5 96x2.5 kw dimmers, 13 amp MCBs, 120 usec

- TLPID60/4TH 60x4 kw dimmers, 20 amp MCBs, 200 usec

- TLPID96/4TH 96x4 kw dimmers, 20 amp MCBs, 200 usec

- TLPID60/6PT 60x6 kw dimmers, 32 amp MCBs, 300 usec

- TLPID96/6PT 96x6 kw dimmers, 32 amp MCBs, 300 usec

- TLPID60/6TV  60x6 kw dimmers, 32 amp MCBs, 400 usec

- TLPID96/6TV 96x6 kw dimmers, 32 amp MCBs, 400 usec



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